Marc Springer
Attorney at Law

Marc Springer, Esq.
4 Bradford Terrace
Brookline, MA 02446

I have been helping clients with real estate problems for over twenty years. My practice focuses on real estate title examination, with particular expertise in the development of cell phone sites. I am often involved in examining title, insuring title to properties as part of a real estate transaction, and helping to clear and eliminate problems in order to make title to the property marketable.

My law office is located in Brookline, Massachusetts and I am admitted to the bar in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

I am available for title examinations and analysis relating to transactions involving purchases and sales of real estate, and the development and analysis of the suitability of properties for cell phone sites. I also consult with and assist other attorneys and individual clients in removing clouds and problems from title to real estate.

My clients range from real estate attorneys requiring assistance with the title to property to purchasers and sellers of real estate to national cell phone companies in the process of developing sites for cell towers and antennas.

Please feel free to contact me to determine if I can to help you with questions or problems in any of these areas.